Valentines Day 2011

“Piece of my heart: Janis Joplin
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I would love to draw like u,

I would love to draw like u, really!! u r just awesome

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pink outfit and very dainty Valentine's Day Fairie.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks Trumoon and ha55ha...

I really did enjoy drawing her. I love pinks and this one has so many different shades. Besides I LOVE hearts. I think Valentines Day is my favorite season for drawing, besides Christmas that is. Puzzled Thanks again for your wonderful comments! Love

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Superb pink colors.

I like the combination of many shade of pink here. And nice autograph on Valentine's day. Laughing out loud

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Great draw

Great draw Big smile

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This is unbelivable!

The chick with the pink clouds makes me all gooey into the valentine spirts! The is an imediate favorite!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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SO SWEET VALENTINES DAY DRAW- LOVE IS IN THE AIR ! DRESSED VERY NICE, AND I LIKE IDEA- THERE IS KEY TO OPEN EACH HEART!! WONDERFUL Laughing out loud Love Smile Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars, Five stars ....

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Thanks Inanina...

yes and you even seen the little keys. LOL I was wondering if they were visible because I added the pink cloud underneath. I am so glad you like it. Thanks! Love