Vampire Santa

“okay, i know its not anytime near christmas but thats probably a good thing. this is vampire santa from the facebook game vampire wars.”
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Now I see the picture that your bro was talking about...

Sorry to say..I agree with him! LOL

I still like it tho. There is no creepy santa on my vampire game.

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

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no santa :o that why he gives presents at night Shock

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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It might be.. There is no living person who knows. O.O

Haha (6)

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and besides that funfact, this is actually really good. Secretly i always knew some santas were just creepy oldfat guys Oups {dont tell anyone} Okay all that aside good job and 5stz Laughing out loud

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Thanx :)

i guess it was just a bit too "unnecessarily disturbing and creepy" (or so says my brother) for most people to comment on. lol


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