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I think it is really well done! i love this drawing...i don't understand what is with animalgirl.... oh well... everyone has their opinion i guess.... i like it! well done!

XX AkumaKirei <3

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is very true, but also

is very true, but also believe that we must have some level of caution ... as you said, there may be many different interpretations, for example: I do not believe in the devil rather think there is evil in everyone, which could be considered as the devil, it seems a very good drawing, ;D

everyone has their own way of thinking, and I think that should be respected.

so I think that animalgirl be a bit more tolerant and we are more careful with the pictures we see and send this page.

Laughing out loud

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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LOL sorry animalgirl ;-)

LOL I'm sorry animalgirl if this drawing offends you, it was done last year for a Halloween contest. We all see what we choose to you this is demonic to others it's just a scary drawing and that's what art is all about...peoples freedom to draw and others to interpret what they see. There are many other things in life outside of drawing that can be seen as demonic by others such as judging, criticism, lying, rudeness, cheating etc...etc... I meant no offense and take no offense. All I can say is please 'don't judge a book by it's color'...I was not thinking devil, not sure why you are. Ten people can look at this and there will be ten different interpretations. Smile

By the way can you imagine how many interpretations people are making when they see your name? Some might think 'she likes animals' others might think 'someone who likes wearing skimpy animal prints' or 'someone who dreams of being half animal half girl' or worse... I'm not trying to be ornery here, just trying to help you see. Big smile I appreciate you viewing my gallery, I appreciate your comments and I appreciate your right to choose what ever name you choose to use or draw what ever you choose to draw without criticizing you because of my interpretation. Wink To some people dragons are demonic? LOL IT'S JUST A DRAWING Big smile I like your gallery Smile

Thank you AceofJacks for your comments... I appreciate the level of maturity in your interpretation from someone your age... Nice gallery too by the way.. Big smile

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please try something

please try something different that dose not include the devil

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No where in the description or picture tells that this is the devil or a demonic thing. It's a just a Halloween themed drawing. But it is kind of creepy, in a good way ha ha X] Nice job on the shading there.

You smell like muffins ;]

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this is soooo demonic! why

this is soooo demonic! why would you...any one draw something like THAT!

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what the poo is it?

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Love the effects, real scary!

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Hellz yeah

Hott Shit Keep it Up