Warning to FELLOW queekers

“There has been a rude user that has been TROLLING everyones art, please keep in mind that trolls use negative and unrelated comments to draw out emotional replies, so please, dont feed the troll and ignore them”
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Yes! totally agree. i

Yes! totally agree. i remember a troll...

You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!

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yes just ignore them,just let them find someone ELSE to bother, or report them to Queeky! BAD TROLLS!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, I'm alive! I have all kinds of stuff to catch up on. ^u^
Call me Matsuyama!

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Warning to fellow Queekers

Thanks MK a Great message for us all...no feeding the bad trolls, just ignore them and they will be banished! Five stars

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Bravo for your drawing,

Bravo for your drawing, message, idea! My heart is now a little bit free. Thanks! Merçi beaucoup!

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Cool drawing and idea ! Five stars

Yes, don't feed the BAD TROLL,

ignore it, report it, and it will be banned from Queeky and its content deleted without a word.

that's it.

(to all the GOOD trolls: don't be afraid, you're still welcome Crazy )

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Thank you

That is all so true so thank you MK for drawing that and posting it, Great job Smile In the way everyone strives to draw differently and uniquely please apply that in dealing with this sort of thing, don't be like him and respond. Smile

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Agree with you.

A NICE drawing again!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.