“Can I propose three cheers for our very own Queeky Santa ... Phil (Admin) keeps this site running 365/24/7 ... and brings us this gift of an art community to share with each other ... so Hip Hip Hip Hooray for Phil ... in the UK we enjoy Mince Pies at Christmas but I guess for Phil it would be Stollen ... (by the way that is blackcurrant juice in the glass :-) so I didn't have to make it adult content)”
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Merry Christmas...

and thanks for fueling the addiction.

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Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year!!


In the end you all are keeping me on the Queeky track Tongue and your work motivates me to improve this site from day to day.

Thanks to all artists, the new ones and the "old iron" who contribute through their work to this addicting project Wink

We planned to relaunch the site with a new design and improved drawing tools before christmas, but unfortunately we did'nt manage to make it in time Sad

But it's christmas, and the Queeky Santa (lol) should not be empty-handed, so here comes at least a list of the new features:

1. new design for better usability

2. new artist profiles (cooler design, own slideshow and more)

3. new drawing tools available in different languages (still translators wanted)

4. desktop version of QueekyPaint for Mac and Windows (Premium)

5. creation of real videos (e.g. for IPhone or YouTube) from your artwork on demand (Premium)

We (Paul and me) work day and night on the relaunch, and we hope to manage it until the beginning of 2011.

@Wungu: Yes, we call the christmas cake "Stollen" Wink Is really tasty and perfect with a cup of coffee.

Happy eve and a blackcurrant juice cheer from Hamburg,

Stay tuned -


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Merry Christmas Admin!

and happy new year to all. Santa Party

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Oh Merry Christmas Admin!

Heheheh. Thanks to Wungu, I'll take this opportunity to thanks admin, too. Tongue Thank you very much for running this wonderful site ever.

Wungu, I'm so hungry, now.

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Merry Christmas Admin!

Phil, it is an honor to belong to the best Art Site on the net and it is all because of you! Thanks for your continuous hard work and dedication. Thanks!