Half-filled or half-empty?

“nature fresh mountain water !! ... anybody? (Ref net)”
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half filled

half filled Smile

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Wonderful work !

Wonderful work ! Five stars

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i got thirsty watching how

i got thirsty watching how you made this Five stars Four stars Four stars Four stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Tongue Smile Laughing out loud Big smile Beer Crown :Cool Sexy

We all live to die...

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Both ?...nice drawing

Both ?...nice drawing Smile


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Amazing ...

Reflection , I liked that the way you started drawing using negative painting Smile Great !!

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Five stars Beer Five stars awesome work!

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My respect for you and your

My respect for you and your work, the glass looks so clear, love the reflexion, FIVE stars!

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Thanks dear!

That is so nice of you to post such beautiful comments :Cool , glad that you liked the reflection Laughing out loud ... I too admire your works Love , your flowers are awe-inspiringly lovely Grade Grade !!

Every artist was first an amateur.

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Great work!

The glass looks so crystal clear. Pure drinking water. Laughing out loud