we know how you feel

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good imagination...great job.

good imagination...great job.

psree Smile

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I love the mixture of realism

I love the mixture of realism and the cartoony with this one, also a great expression. Good draw!

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draw!! but I dont know why is she cry? Big smile

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this is very good drawing, i hope she feels good now Wink Five stars

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Great portrait- you can

Great portrait- you can transmit us an intensive feeling, I am impressed!

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we know how you feel

A great draw, you have captured the emotion very well, I like the two little fairies too. Very nice work little_prince. 5 stars

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Nicely done

This is a great black and white, you did a wonderful job drawing emotion, very nice draw... Smile Five stars

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Who is those two little fairy? Are you one of them? Or is she..... you!?

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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I'm not the fairy nor the girl, but I understand her...

and thank you Pppman for care about this.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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that's really adorable...is she somebody famous? she reminds me of myrna loy, without really looking exactly like her

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