What, Im not a Turkey

“HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I found this while surfing and thought it would be a fun way to wish you all a nice Holiday. Sorry its a little sloppy... :-)”
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The Hearts of Queeky (Thank you)

Thank you all my queeky friends, I hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving and aren't too hung over from Turkey and goodies Sick Smile . I look at all of your comments below and realize just how much you all are the Heart of Queeky and I respect each and every one very much. You take the time to check out other peoples drawings, 'leave comments' and 'rate' them (you all know who you are if not here). That means so much to everyone and that makes you all very special and caring people. You are not here just for yourselves but for others as well A big 10 Five stars Five stars for all of you. Smile

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Marilyn, this is so sweet and

Marilyn, this is so sweet and funny! You did a fantastic job on this false turkey! His eyes are so intelligent, his wondering "mouth" is so perfect done, I am impressed! Happy Thanksgiving for you and your family! Much fun and laugh!

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to you too Smile

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What, I am not a turkey!

Ha ha..Look's like this ostrich may have a slight personality disorder if he think's he's a turkey! Nope you're certainly no turkey and you wouldn't want to be one at Thankgiving time! Smile Fantastic draw Marilyn. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. 5 stars

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What, Im not a Turkey

Thanks, you too! Very nice draw and great details! : ) 5 stars

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Thanks, and to you too! Good work, my friend.

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way cute...thanks...by the way...if you find yourself with an extra minute before gorging, check out this squirrely video on the home page of scarysquirrel.org


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o wo

*gooblegooblegobble* happy turkey-day to u too (:

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very kute. a masterpiece i

very kute. a masterpiece i say and thank you

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile