white tiguer

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Five stars What talent!


Have a wonderful day!

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i'm sry but i hate this drawing

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well if you don't like this drawing ok, its a matter of taste. But one thing you should know, please, be more polite when you review a drawing.

El arte es el reflejo del mundo, si el mundo es horrible, el reflejo también lo es. PAUL VERHOEVEN

Art is the reflection of the world, if the world is horrible, the reflection is too. PAUL VERHOEVEN

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Hate's a pretty strong word don't you think? What's to hate? (In my opinion) The tiger is amazing and looks about real O_O

You smell like muffins ;]

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ADORABLE! so amazing and

ADORABLE! so amazing and skillful!

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I like it

because white tiger is great! Smile

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amazing every time you make a

amazing every time you make a drawing your amazing

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wow your pictures are amazing!

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i love this . its so cute !!!!! i watched how you made it and its amazing how you do the eyes .

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that's sooo adorable!! Shock i just wanna hug and squeezer her!! oh and then the baby haha xD dis is on my favs!!

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day