Who bring the red snow

“I had read some news about the polar bear today, again, I feel ashame of what human did. Drawing reference from www.nationalforestlawblog.com.
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Great one, I really appreciate your shame, everyday man-kind slaughters beautiful animals. Great Draw! Five stars Innocent

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Polar bear

Who brings the red snow....we do! hunting down these Beauful animal's to slaughter for our own means....is unforgivable. An Amazing draw you have caputered the great sadness in this polar bears eyes and this draw is a great way to bring this message across pppman. 5 stars

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Good message

Whilst conservation is one thing spreading the message via your drawing is another....which you have managed so well in this draw......respects!

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Wonderful message! A symbol

Wonderful message! A symbol for our planet in danger! Bravo, pppman!

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great expression, that bear looks so sad!

you made red tears with pieces of meat on its eyes.

you can see, he is calling you to help him.

and I loved this draw, cause it reminds me a show about how human tortures bears to create medicine from their liver.

nice job pppman

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This bear has such sadness in

This bear has such sadness in his eyes. Wonderful and thought provoking draw. Five stars

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blood is calling me

blood is calling me ..lol..very great nice dog and excellent blood

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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great draw

and great message!

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red snow

It is very sad what is happening with the climate changes and loss of ice and habitat changes for these beautiful beasts. You did a fantastic draw honoring these beauties. It looks like he just finished a meal or was injured? Wonderful draw Smile Five stars

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awesome job

Why so much aggression against animals, against nature!? This is incomprehensible...

But great job!!