Who wants Hot Chocolate?

“A cup of Hot Chocolate for my Queeky Friends”
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This is really good! I like

This is really good! I like that you can actually see it's glass (:

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Wow! This is GORGEOUS! The

Wow! This is GORGEOUS! The cream in its soft materiality, creamy , toucheble, the glass shining, the light traces of chocolate,Wow, another one Wow!

How could somebody resist to such a wonderful invitation to hot chocolate?!

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Who wants Hot Chocolate?

I do, I do!

Amazing Smile 5/5

I will live forever or die trying.

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Super draw!

This is a remarkable drink.....draw!....lol...well done 5 stars for you!

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wonderful, amazing, super.

so realistic, great shadows, colors...

I love everything in this draw!

you did it again Party Five stars

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Amazing Talent

I in fact called up two of my colleagues to show this creation. Great draw!!

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High quality work! I like the shading of the cream, GREAT work! Full score!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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WOW ! thats amazing

I really love to drink it right now ^^ Hot and fresh chocolate, mhmmm...... Delicious. Love how you painted light and shadows and also the scattering of the light in the chocolate. Thats a master piece, do you have some tips how to train getting colors right (i always practice but i dont get the realism i want to achieve ... )



PS: you got 5 Stars from me Wink

"Man fühlt garnichts mehr, Man wird ganz gleichgülti und grau...."