“I used an actual photograph for this, the girl had her whole back pierced in this fashion. Why? I will never understand.”
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that looks painful. but this is really good Smile

you smell like chocolate cake:)

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yes I thought it looked pretty painful too that is the main reason I drew it. Also sometimes I love the "Shock Factor" LOL Thanks, glad you like it!

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This is one of your best...

That is actually amazing, its inspired me and you truly have talent.

Congratz! <3.

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I think this was actually a really cool kind of peircing. I thought at first that this was a skin colored bodice at first but I thought it was way cooler this way!


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OH MY F*CKING GOD! Thats just, Disturbing.. o.o Why would anyone ever do that??????

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Oh Thanks Kathy!

I know, it makes my skin crawl too and almost didn't draw it because of that reason. But it was such a painful looking and unusual form of so called "body enhancement" that I had to. I'll really never understand what makes a person go through that much pain to be different, or stand out. Thanks for your comment and sorry I had to give you the "icks" too. Big smile

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1st of all.. wtf is that?

2ed of all... does any one actually have that type of piercings?????/

3rd...... great job ( . Y . ) < ------ special tip!


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Painting is well done ... but ...

... the idea of those piercings leave me cold ... we get past the age of restrictive undergarments and then we lace ourselves up ... no thanks!

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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it would have to be very painful and even if someone offered me money to get this done I would turn it down. Thanks but no thanks!