why is the water gone?

“um......im a bit sick atm and so i draw how i feel!”
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but where the water?


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I hope you are much better!

I hope you are much better! Your drawing is great, your humour too, I like your drawings with their caricaturing touch, great job!

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I don't know, but I think this is great. Ammmm... You draw this one more serious and careful.

The color is great and the expression is great. Glasses The only thing can be improve is the hand, ABSOLUTE a good illustration!!!

FIVE for your drawing and hope you already recovered. Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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aww, feel etter.

i like the drawing tho

i'm naked.. i'm numb.. i'm stupid.. i'm stayinq && if cupid's qot a qun..

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why is the water gone?

Sorry to hear that you are sick, hope you are feeling better soon. This is a sad drawing but well done... Smile Five stars