by KO

William Hamleigh

“David Oakes, as William Hamleigh, In the Mini TV series, Pillars of the earth. I now know that I love painting Medieval pictures, And I guess its that much easier when you love the character as much as I love this one ;P Not traced, The image was open besides the Queeky application(which would explain why I couldnt get his awesome crazy face right :D) <br> So five stars for a Sadistic Masterpiece of a character ;P”
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Very nice...

I don't know the movie or the character but I do know that you did an exceptionally nice job on creating this picture. I love Medieval pictures too. I would draw more of them but they are not the easiest subject to draw. LOL Kudos to you though for giving it a right nice shot at it. Love

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You should really watch it, Its really good Smile

Thank you, I appreciate it a lot Laughing out loud It was really hard, so I kind of gave up on the face. I wish it wouldn't slow down my computer so much, I'd finish it Laughing out loud


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I loved that show!

This character if memory serves correctly is by far the most twisted of them all! You really caught his likeness. I knew right away who it was! I'm glad you like drawing medieval subjects, I really like seeing them Smile You're the Tom Builder of drawing Wink (I know, I know...that was so lame!)

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why thank you, you are the Jack Jackson of Complementing ;P

from far away, yes the likeness is very strong, but.. upclose.. well, you can tell who its supposed to be but.. lol Tongue

Thank you so much. I'm exhausted after this picture XD it took my about four hours *shame , tho to be fair, I only worked on it for about two and half of those hours I was supposed to be working on it...


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*insert awesome perv joke about William here

Wicked draw, rated five stars for this lunatic. Big smile Five stars

I loooove the hair, draw more pictures of him!

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*insert awesome laugh from awesome perv joke about william, here

Lol, no really, thank you XD

I love this lunatic so much, he's just awesome..

hehe, I don't know about drawing him again, He's freekin HARD to draw O.O I hadn't really expected it, though It is really fun so.. Laughing out loud hehe, maybe.

Thank you Smile