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“hooray heres deidara getting ready for winter (for those that might be confused, deidara is a dude) :D”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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yet another cute fella to abduct *abducts while voting* (is actually dying from sasori's cuteness,don't know how much I can take more >.<)

~A rose by any other name smells just as sweet,but only the rose chooses if she wants to smell sweeter then them all ~~~^^

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a-DORE-able! Laughing out loud


♥Aimo, aimo Ne-deru ru-she Noins miria Enderu purodea Fotomi Koko wa attacka na umi dayo♥

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cute Laughing out loud

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aww so cute

aww Smile so cute Smile

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Winter Deidara

Looking real cute, what a great outfit, another wonderful draw, keep them coming! Smile 5 stars

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Merci Mes Amis!

thank you sooo much for your comments along the way! It just brightens my day to get comments on my amateur art >w<

Vous êtes très impressionnants!

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Dude Deidara

Another adorable Anime, I am always drawn to the eyes first, they are Fab...the clothes on these little characters are perfect for them and I can see why you enjoy drawing them. Again, wonderful job Smile Five stars