Winter Stallion

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it does kind of look like

it does kind of look like zenyatta


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thats amazing theres only a

thats amazing theres only a few really good people whos good at art and your deafntley one of them


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colors Smile

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Did you get the idea from FV or FTV? This is really beautiful. Great shading. =-)

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hermoso! Five stars

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brilliant....looks like Zenyatta

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Thanks to everyone...

who commented on my Winter Stallion. I wish you guys would consider entering a jack o lantern in my halloween contest. You can see the details of the contest here: And the winner will get a drawing from me, anything that they want. Thanks again you guys! I am lucky to have so many friends here at Queeky.

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I love it Smile

Its very very very beautiful drawing Smile

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black beauty!

so beautiful

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it looks just like an esroh

it looks just like an esroh horse from horse isle! XD Beautiful drawing Smile