With Coffee

“(Ref:Shutterstock) I have time for coffee but don't have time to read the newspaper...I'd rather be Queeky-ing ^_^”
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thank you for your incouragement, i love your art. i know what it is i lack besides proffessional teaching, i lack the patience for the details. you must have great patience.

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Thanks, twilapalmer!

I have a lot of patience when I'm in the mood... Smile...and I wrote a comment on your profile page... Wink Smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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Great painting, a sweet

Great painting, a sweet subject, a lovely, lovely portrait. Don't regret you cannot read the newspapers, it's nothing important there,...hehe!

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Yeah, you're

right, ploiesteana...takes up too much time anyway. News today, forgotten tomorrow Tongue Big smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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Well done

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Really cute. Great expression

Really cute. Great expression too Laughing out loud

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so cute indeed..

well done..


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Thanks betty, ha55ha!

Definitely entertainment section...juicy celebrity gossip, hehe Wink

Do everything with LOVE...

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Me, too. That's what I usually flip for the first section. Big smile

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Hahaha Look at her expression, especially her eye brows. Big smile

Something there must be interesting. Lovely color selection and style. Laughing out loud