Work in progress

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Loved watching the playback

it is always wonderful to watch you draw. You are a magician when it comes to making beautiful women and skin tones.

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Thanks Kute.

I tried to make it and it was finally done. Big smile

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Interesting playback

You are such a perfectionist!

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I think I was like that.

But I think I am happy with the result recently, even if it wasn't done. Smile

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She has a brilliant expression and I'm really looking forward to seeing her finished. Nice use of the negative space. I don't know what your plans for it are but I do like how you've tucked her in the corner.

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I can't seem to finish this drawing as it is too long now and I kinda lost interest. That's one bad side of me. Tongue

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Wow, you really made me curious what the story is about.

Phantastic how you did the person .... already learned a lot from the replay.

I hope in the near future I can provide pressure sensivitiy for QueeyPaint Desktop ... unfortunately in Flash web app this will not be possible ... do you work with Desktop- or Web-App ?

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That would be another great feature I've been looking for.

I work with desktop app, the current version.

Ps: This could be a week long drawing. Smile

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its done, here you can

its done, here you can download the latest version (2.11.7) supporting pressure sensivity for wacom tablets:

Ps: I hope everything works fine this week Big smile

Queeky admin

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I tried it! It's super duper cool!

This version is perfect! I can't wait to finish the drawing. And I can't wait to see the drawing from our artist friends. Laughing out loud