Xiah Junsu

“I love his voice and everything. I really recommend this korean singer B-)”
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cara, que artista incrível

cara, que artista incrível

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Good job!

This is stunning, great work! I love the lips

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Xiah...you made him look fabulous. He's already fabulous but you just confirmed his fabulousness. Kudos to you!

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What a wonderful portrait,

What a wonderful portrait, felicitaciones!!!!

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really awesome good work

really awesome good work

If you look closer you might just see it.

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Great !

Excellent !

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wow, cool porttrait.

the face looks hyperrealistic!

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Thanks ph!

I am glad you like it! even you said hyperrealistic... wah x.x I wish I could draw more realistic sometimes... but my patience has some limits haha well.. I am trying to improve and learn more! and I wont stop! muahaha xD

Thank you again for commenting :DDD

Take care!

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Art is the reflection of the world, if the world is horrible, the reflection is too. PAUL VERHOEVEN