by MBM

Yellow Coast...

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Where are you???????????????

Where are you???????????????

I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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Haha Lindus, you made me

Haha Lindus, you made me laugh so thanks...I'm around once in awhile, but i can't seem to paint here under Queeky paint; can only use speedpaint and it's not so easy to get used to...I'm afraid my first account got deleted per my request and then I came back and started over...I too would love to see or hear from Chr for he was such a good painter and fun friend here at Queeky..I can only hope he's okay and maybe recuperating....I did see our friend Ploiesteana one time not long ago with a comment here so she'seems to be around...thank you for thinking of me and for asking..I hope all is good with you and keep painting; i like what you do..take care..


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I think you have to enable flash everytime you use queeky.

Go to url at top of the page where there is the lock icon on that and choose to allow flash and it will let you use the regular queeky tools.

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Oh Thanks Betty; I have been

Oh Thanks Betty; I have been using Firefox and had no luck with that and then i went to Internet Explorer and the tools worked so go figure...I know what you're talking about though and thanks..Smile


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Just For Anyone's

Just For Anyone's Information: I tried using Queeky Paint with Internet Explorer and I was able to paint with it...I had been using Firefox with no luck...