Yellow Grapes

“The name of this drawing is: Grapes in ikea bowl and the reference painting was done by Marcello Carigliano and he is a fantastic artist. I seen the original painting and I just had to try to do those beautiful yellow grapes. Bravo to Mr. Carigliano for his fantastic talents. I had fun trying to re-create his work. ”
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it looks so real!!!!! love it

it looks so real!!!!! love it :DDD

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Great! Fantastic!

The reflections on the metallic bowl, the structure and coloring of the grapes - like an oilpainting stillife of an old master... Five stars


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Thank you!

This one actually took me much longer than the Masquerade drawing, I started this one days ago and then got so bored with trying to get the grapes round that I started two or three other drawings and almost didn't finish this one. I have one more that I am working on of a little girl with a bunch of tulips that will be done soon, please watch for it because it is taking me forever and I hope it turns out good. It has been a rough one to do also. Thanks again! Wink

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Looking forward to it!

How much time you take the result is always worth it! The grapes are a treat to say the least ... so is the bowl ... Love Love Love Love Love

Every artist was first an amateur.

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And thanks for sharing with

And thanks for sharing with us K. They look mouth wateringly good