Yes, Paul

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Yes, Paul

Yes, Paul! yes of course I did listen to you!.....humm now which button did he say to press!! not sure now, maybe this one oh! perhaps not, that could be the ejector seat button! oops! Big smile Great expression, colours and draw. Five stars

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Really cute...

I really love this picture, first of all the colors and designs on his clothing and helmut are perfect. The expression is really adorable.

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Beautiful piece of art...

... i like the colors.

Five stars

Have a nice day!

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Yes, paul, of course... You're always right, yes yes, ALWAYS *rolls eyes* LOL! I love it and I agree it's funny! LOve sarcasm

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Great paintings tell stories; and this one certainly does. I laughed throughout the viewing of this. It tells any story your imagination leads you.

That said, are you sure it is not 'No, Paul'? The finger and her facial expressions seem to tell me so. Big smile

Well done, my friend! Five stars LOVE IT!!!