by lime

Yo Queeky!

“1st time drawing here ... I actually like it, but I guess, I have to get used to the tool a bit more xD Hope you like it....xD Comments would be really nice ^^”
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T'is Beautiful. Wink Too beautiful for my eyes to see! Sad(

HAR HAR HAR. I'M SO PRO AT STALKING. lol caps It may look like it by my icon, but I'm NOT a nerd.

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Awesome job!!!

Fantasy forever!!

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thats the best ive seen

thats the best ive seen someone when theyd do their first one!

mine was just a fish Sad u can see it tho if u want Smile maybe youll like it! dont forget to rate plz

you dont have to just asking really

You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!

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love it! :333

El arte es el reflejo del mundo, si el mundo es horrible, el reflejo también lo es. PAUL VERHOEVEN

Art is the reflection of the world, if the world is horrible, the reflection is too. PAUL VERHOEVEN

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wow o.o very well!!!!! i try

wow o.o very well!!!!!

i try to work hard to be so good like you!

this is your first one????

how old are you??

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No doubt

you will get better and better. Nice work. Big smile

N welcome!!! Laughing out loud

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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first draw

nice first one!

and your second is even better Wink

give you Four stars,5 and Five stars Steve