Your worst nightmare

“Can you tell I like thriller flicks?”
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O.O -...

Creepy... yet cool!!! some is Condemnation, to others is Salvation...

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the dark saucer like eyes

actually have a white in them, and in the white of the eye the shape seems to be a reflection of my own head

thats so creepy and sends shivers down my spine

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i a good way. This actualy reminds me of Rob zombies Micheal Myers from Hallooween. Actualy i am gonna have to ask were do you come up with stuff? and yes i i can tell you like thriller flicks.

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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Is he a Borg

I love sci/fi. And I watched all the Star Trek Next Generation. They had an alien species called the BORG and they were really scary. They assimilated whole species. This draw reminds me of the BORG.....they were really ugly and scary. How do you think of this stuff? You have a great variety of talent it is really fantastic to see your range.

5 stars

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wow! very realistic draw!

Marilyn:Can you tell I like thriller flicks?

Hakan:Nno..o.o.oo., bu..bu ..buttt.. but... this..this... is .. is no.. no..not ss..sscary!!..

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Ha Ha...hakan

A BIG thank you for the great comments everyone and thank you hakan for a good laugh Laughing out loud silly guy Smile That was a good one hee hee. Glad you liked it.

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your worst nightmare

Oh yes...He's a very scary Zombie and looks very much everyone's worst nightmare! the colours and textures are great. You must love these movies, you draw these scary guy's so well, this is another Fantastic creepy draw Marilyn. 5 stars

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Blue-green-black-white- a

Blue-green-black-white- a wonderful scarying colour combination! It looks like an old oxidated historical object! A very expressive scarying character!

I must tell you, I love your joyfull, funny comments, your support, not only for me, but for all of us, thank you! It's a pleasure to read them.

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Thank you everyone

For your great comments...These are creepy but fun to draw...I love thrillers, a good scary movie is my fav. so guess it shows lol

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your scary drawings are AMAZING...

shade of the face is just great!

Five stars

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