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one of my favourite DC characters.

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Too..thank you for your vote!

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Whoa!!! Great!!

Whoa!!! Smile Great!! Laughing out loud

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein

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Hot Mamma

Love very nice work indeed Betty. I think the comments pretty much covered everything I think also about this.

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Thanks kute

I looked at your gallery and I see that you have become a competent artist in the few years that you have been on Queeky. You are very accomplished.

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Awww Thanks!

What a nice thing to say Betty. Yes...when I found Queeky I wasn't too good drawing online. Without this site I'd still be a struggling digital artist. I have been a traditional artist for a very long time but knew nothing about drawing online. I started drawing online at RateMyDrawings but that was so long ago. I wasn't very good there either, thought I was at the time but when I look back at my things they are rather pitiful. Finding Queeky changed my life and my artwork and I will always be grateful. I have a lot to learn...but I try to draw online every single day to learn as much as I can. Glad there are artists such as yourself online for me to learn from. Thanks again! :Cool

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"A mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work if it isn't open."

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Thank you

krapphace - delighted to hear from you. Laughing out loud

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Ahem! Sexy...

Love the softness of her face...great draw! And A Happy New Year, betty! Love Party

Do everything with LOVE...

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Thank you

mannamanna, for your comment and a Happy New Year to you,too!!