Abnormal Pilots RP

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Its set in the future, 2020... A power plant has exploded, toxic waste seeping every ounce of YOUR town, Killing or deforming everything in sight, changing the colors of flowers, changing animals, changing human structure. The only transportation... Air craft! There are ships, actually a group of linked ships, called the Explorer packs, They all have their own leader, they all have their own workers... The main ship is controlled by a russian work group, from their base. The ships require almost no work at all, except to make sure they land safetly, and make sure nothing divides the paths in between them. A selected few made it in time to make it to their pack... Only thing is.... Are one of those people you?

Okay, Possibly a dumb plot line, But I dont givva Crap xD

Okay, The ships are all linked together by glass/metal passage ways, which are like circular hallways. They are in space, trying to make it to Zimbenix, for better life. The Toxic waste does multiply fast, and seeps everywhere. Its HIGHLY dangerous.
The Ship forces are
- Flying Mayhem
- Pilot union
- Toxic Rocket
- Blazing launcher
- Apollo's strike
- Artemis striding and
- Moon launcher

I had help with the names xD Dont ask xD i made up Apollo's Strike and Moon Launcher xD you get to pick ONE per each character xD


Pilot- Help with the controlls

Mechanic- Helps with broken issues

Entertainers- People to joke around with to entertain the house ^w^

Hunchmen- People who are kinda like servents ...

Cooks- Cooks for each ship

Messanger- Sends messages to the russian launchers and such


-Please no controlling other's characters =_= biggest pet peeve, EVER

-You can have your O.C date other O.C's if they give permission as well as you accept their permission (usually found in the form of RP)

-Must.Be.Written.In.The.Form.Of.A.Story .... Sorry all you people who

Me: Usually Rp like this *awkward chuckle* "It must be written like this, Sorry," I coughed out, smiling lightly in an apologetic tone.

-Please, No... Sexual stuff =_= Dont.Get.Into.Detail... That is all I ask DX> Kissing and private rooms, whatever, okay, good for you =_= Keep whatever is personal... well... keep it personal DX>

-You might get reminders of this group ever so often, because I kinda dont want this group to die out like "Fursona RP" and "Deadtown" Did DX>

-Cussing is allowed, but not every body is comfortable with it, so please dont go overboard...

-Please no mary-sue's =_= (Mary-Sue: A character or fictional person who is exactly and utterly perfect in any way possible) I dont know why, BUT THAT FRIGGEN IRKS ME >:T I mean, At the least, give them clumsiness, or OCD, or even anger issues =_= Ill even except a hard past as a non-mary-sue move xD Just... I dont know man... Life dosnt work that way xD (If you even try to argue about any of my O.C's being Mary Sues =^= I.Will.Bring.Out.A.List.Of.Flaws xD)

-Can be Animal or Human, or both xD

Thats it X3 Application here ------- http://www.queeky.com/gallery/image/abnormal-pilots-appli I'd prefer it if youd fill the application out before you RP, But you can already RP away without my permission ^w^ it dosnt matter, aslong as the application gets finished within a reasonable time amount.

***** Characters *****

Aria (ZayniloveZayn) Pilot for Pilot Union

Eleanor (MelloJello/me) Mechanic for Moon Launcher

Gary (ponyotta2) Pilot for Moon Launcher

Mio (MelloJello/me) servent for all ships, mainly found in Moon Launcher side by side with Eleanor.

Plachy (Jayfeatherrocks) Mechanic for Apollo's Stride.