[k'ajl]'s Online PPAT Research Study

Traditional PPAT ~ by me
PPAT Color Palette (w/ Hex Codes)

PPAT stands for "person picking an apple from a tree," & in this simple art therapy assessment, the participant is asked to draw just that.

To standardize the results, the traditional PPAT directions specify that the materials to be used are a 12" x 18" sheet of blank drawing paper---which the participant can choose to turn on its side (18" x 12"), if preferred---& a set of Mr. Sketch markers (12 color box). The results can then be rated using a system known as the Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale, or FEATS (Gantt & Tabone, 1998).

This study aims to test the validity/functionality of a version of the PPAT that can be administered online.


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Star Alternative method for those who truly do not want to join / set up an account /etc: After following the directions below to create your image, choose "Save to Computer" under "File" instead of "Save to Account." Then simply email the image to me ~ k@kajl.org ~ Your results will not be posted on here without your consent.

Arrow Keeping the PPAT Color Palette image open in separate tab or window will make using the required color set much easier. After you have signed into your account & joined this group:

Quest How to keep the color palette chart accessible while you draw:
1. Right-click on the thumbnail for the PPAT Color Palette image.
(It's the one made up of colored squares, found above on this page).
2. Choose "Open in a New Tab" (or "Open in a New Window," if tabs are not an option in your browser).
Star Another way to go about this: save the Color Palette image on to your computer & then keep it open in whatever image program you prefer.

Arrow Go to QueekyPaint. It's in the "Tools" menu, at top.

Exclamation Mark Remember to do this in a different tab or window than the one with the Color Palette open in it, unless you have chosen to save the Color Palette on to your computer.

Arrow Decide whether you would like to draw your image using the default "Landscape" orientation or switch to "Portrait."

Quest How to switch the image orientation to "Portrait":
1. Choose "New" under the "File" menu.
2. Click "OK" in the box that asks if you are sure you would like to do this.
3. Click on the 400 x 600 pixel option.

Arrow Now you can begin your drawing!

Star Draw a person picking an apple from a tree.

Arrow Save your drawing when you're done.

Quest How to save your drawing so that it also posts to the research study group:
1. Choose the option to "Save to Queeky Account," under "File".
2. In the box that pops up, it will require that you give it a title & pick a category; you may use whatever you like for both of these. You can leave "Description" blank, if you like.
3. In the review page that comes up next, please check the box next to "[k'ajl]'s Online PPAT Research Study," under "Audience". You do not need to change or add to any of the other fields/options, but you may, if you like.
4. Click "Save" at the bottom.

Arrow You are now finished with the online portion of the study!

Star Thank you for participating!

Star For your submission to be usable in the first round of this study, you will also need to submit a drawing done using the traditional directions (see group description at the top of this page).

Quest Send me a message to ask for more information about how to do this, or also if you have any other questions / comments / etc.

Thank you again for your submission! Big smile

~ [k'ajl]