Moon Flight RP

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WELCOME TO MOON FLIGHT (We are currently working on a new name for the ship!)

Before you join Moon Flight, the application is right here:
you must fill it out and send it to me in order to join. I have to approve of it too! This group is for people who are 10+ years old. If you are under the age of 10, please do not join. You may also be apart of MelloJello's Assassins Camp, and still be in Moon Flight. (You and your character can)


Dea (Leader) (Alive)
Novah (Co. leader) (Alive)

Defense: They guard the the ship and protect it.
Medics: Helps injured crew members.
Servants: Get what ever the crew members need. (Usually pets or robots do this job)
Scouts\Messengers: Sends messages to the other ships.
Spys: Spys on the enemy.
Cooks: Cooks food for members.
Scientist: Research alien specimens, and do experiments.
Engineers: Build things and work on the ship if it needs repairing. Can control the ship's controls.
When you sign up you may only choose one of these ranks. No making up your own ranks, if you do i will not let you in until it's fixed.

A̶l̶d̶a̶r̶a̶ (Dead) (Past leader)
Novah (Alive) ( Current co. leader)
Leah (Alive)
Haeden (Alive)
Dea (Alive) (Current leader)
Captain (Alive)
Dovern (Alive)
Servus (Alive)
Kales (Alive)
S̶t̶a̶r̶s̶ (Joined the darkside)
R̶o̶n̶ (Possibly dead, disappeared)
Kate (Alive)
Kat (Alive)
J̶i̶n̶x̶ (Dead) (Past co.leader)
Mazzy (Alive)
Paris (Alive)
Angelina (Alive)
P̶o̶i̶s̶o̶n̶ (Possibly dead, disappeared)
T̶h̶o̶m̶a̶s̶ (Dead)
Dudley (Alive)
Shilo (Alive)
Ventura (Alive)
Ethelinda (Alive)
Bijoux (Alive)
Harold (Alive)
S̶y̶d̶n̶e̶y̶ (Dead)
A̶l̶e̶x̶a̶ (Possibly dead)
Lunar (Alive)
Chester (Alive)
House Cat (Alive)
0rchid (Alive)

No copying my ideas please. Do not make ranks of your own. The reason i have ranks is because it helps me keep track of certain people and helps organize....
I also allow dates, marriage, and having kids. Yes, that means you can get married and have children! In RP you may throw a wedding together! You can date or marry someone else's character, IF THAT'S OKAY WITH THEM! You don't always have to roleplay the gender you are in real life. On dates i allow kissing, but no sexual things please!! If you want a kid, you are NOT ALLOWED to roleplay sex. The one thing i do allow is cursing. Just don't go overload with cursing though. You may act out about having a baby in roleplay, as long as you do not get to disgusting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW THESE RULES!!


~Your group admin, Ponyotta2