i dont usually use the journal but i thought i should let you all know that on sunday the 27th march 2011.... I MET ROLF HARRIS!! XD

he came to my local gallery (the only gallery in scotland allowed to show his work)and me and my family recieved an 'exclusive' invitation to attend. we waited in line outsideand were shown in the the reception, we were shown in groups of ten to a room of his work (FAB!), the let in to wait in line to see him. while we were in the que a woman called ileane was speaking to him, and he started to sing 'Goodnight Ilene'! he got the whole room to join in! once it was our turn he began to sing about Dundee (the city my step-dad is from) and signed the book we had bought of his artwork, 'to jenni, love Rolf', he THEN signed a sketchbook for me (wihch i'm going to fill with my other artists signitures)AND drew an original doodle of him self and signed it 'Rolf Haggis'! ('cause we're in scotland Smile lol) and a professional photographer took a photo of us. it was really personal and IT WAS GREAT!

ill upload the photos when i get them Smile


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