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WHEN I FIRST CAME TO EGYPT, BACK IN 1976, I KNEW VERY LITTLE ABOUT THE EGYPTIAN MODERN CULTURE, and I didn't know Arabic, I learned it, only spoken, just from TV, I would be home alone most of time, and kept watching the never ending serial Tv, which made Arabic-Egyptian Language , so famous in the Arab world. But at my arrival, I had learned just few words..My ex husband would be at work, and one day he brought me a Mady, a lady to help me with washing, (washing machine was not so popular, and as a matter of fact, after few months we got one:semi automatic..I was astonished, I had similar but much better, when I was 9 years old..LOL..) I was not happy at all on her way of washing, but I needed help..the lady kept talking to me for almost 4 hours..never stop,..And I only knew few words: Thank you, husband, today, tomorrow, money... but when finally she left, I told my ex Husband that she was very poor, had one little baby 2 years old, another one 4 years old, and her husband would not give her enough money, would stay outside many nights, and she was sure he intended to get get married again, having then 2 wives...Strange but I could understand the whole story, too many particulars I couldn't get though, but my ex confirmed to me: that was her story...I think we do understand by feelings other women...One thing that amazed me at the time, was that I was in need of a Hairdresser, needing to dye my hair, and I was kept waiting for my ex to take me to a well known Coiffure for hours. At night, at 23:00 he came home and told me :let's go> I could not believe, we did go to that coiffure, and I came out at 1 o'clock in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll have more...till then...

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