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beautiful... the contrast is

beautiful... the contrast is fantastic!!

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I want that bracelet! Gorgeous drawing and Danila is absolutely correct about could be an advertisement for a shop. Fantastic work as usual!

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atat de "curat" lucrat!

atat de "curat" lucrat! dooooar o critica Laughing out am senzatia ca mainile stau pe ceva si ca tricoul "taie" mainile. e ca si cum sunt taiate..cred ca te-ai bazat mai mult pe detaliile bratarii Smile zi faina cimm!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Delicate and elegant

Beautiful hands and the gold bracelet is a great detail. Five stars

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have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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great work

as usual, it could be a "Cartier" Publicity Spot!


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Lovely delicate

Arms and hands..great job. nice touch with the gorgeous bracelet.. Smile Five stars

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..and stylish. Laughing out loud

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Nice. Great job on the hands.

Nice. Great job on the hands.

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Absolutely stunning! It's so beautiful and well done. Shock