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wow..an old glory..

great work as always Cimmaron!!! Love Love


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Great draw

Great draw Big smile

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Brando's awesome!.. Sweet

Brando's awesome!.. Sweet drawing

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But, why there's some purple on his hair...

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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...it's a good question!... Tongue


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Great style.

I guessed from the thumbnail that it was yours. And I was so sure when I saw the full size picture with these strokes.

Great portrait with style. Love it. Laughing out loud

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...where is your last drawing?... Smile


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I knew

it was Marlon Brando from the thumbnail - plus you portrayed his angst.

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great young brando,you

great young brando,you captured his likeness very well cimmaron Wink Five stars Five stars

consent can be nulified by reason of cohersion or duress!

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Love it

I really like your technique, the face tones are wonderful. Beautiful work Smile Five stars