my pony ocs

these are lists of my pony ocs and their bios.

Splatter:female earth pony that likes to paint,she usually carries her bucket and paintbrush.

Nightmare:a female earth pony that went mad.her real name was Fruitsy,no one knows why she went crazy but my imagination may solve it.

Stormwing:a female pegusas pony with a prissy attitude.shes usually a leader but may sometimes follow.

Looliepop(loolipop not lolipop):loolie is a unicorn pony that loves sweets!her nicknamed are sometimes loli,sweettooth or looli.she can sometimes be greedy when it comes to sharing but at end she is a nice pony.

Eagleeye:female pegusas that is usually flying high on top of mountains and has the eyes of an eagle when it comes to the third in command from her team.

Stormwing:male earth pony that has a crush on eagleeye but is too shy to tell her.

well thats all of them..for now.

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