Dragon Blood

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As I ran from the blood keepers, my breath panted into a cold breath from the winter air as I ran for my life. I held a crumb of bread that will cause my death. I ran behind a tree to catch my breath, and peered to find no one. I let out a sigh of relief before I could stop myself, they heard me and took my hand. I cried and screamed in fear, to see my younger sister looking from a tree, and almost came out to help me. I shook my head and gave her a look to stay back. I saw tears in her eyes when the doors of the prison closed. That was my last glimpse of light and my last sight of anything because my next sight would be the man with a whip that would end my life.

CHAPTER 1: The help

“Let go of me!” I cried as I struggled to no avail. “Quiet. You are to be punished for your crimes.” said the blood keeper who had my right hand in a firm grip. The one who was basically strangling my left hand added happily, “ This is my favorite part of the job.” I said in disgust, “and mine is getting rid of blood keepers.” The man growled in anger, but kept moving. The first calmed the second blood keeper and said, “It’s o.k. She is going to scar.” At the mention of scar he snickered. Depending on his name and how his name is reacted to, I was definitely dead. How will my sister do? I thought. What happened was when I was 6, life was happy and normal. Until a bloodthirsty ruler had decided to expand his kingdom. Many adults were enslaved or killed. My mother was worked severely, alongside with my dad, who was killed for stealing food to save his family. Ever since, I have taken control to help my sister survive. The ruler, Blood, or that’s what he is called, allows only enough food for us to survive. When my sister was becoming hungry, I had snatched one loaf of bread. I knew the risks, the punishment was by death or you are lucky to get out horribly scarred, if the blood keepers were merciful. As I walked by, I asked them, “So you idiots are to lead me to scar?” The one to my right said, “Yep, can’t wait to get rid of you brat.” I then stepped on his foot as hard as I could. He screamed in pain and let go of me. I laughed hard. I didn’t try to run out of fear and I was stuck. Where could I even go? The blood keeper grumbled and rubbed his foot and cursed under his breath. I had the idea: If I was going down, why don’t I go down with a little fun? He deserved it, anyway, for all of his crimes.
After so long, we arrived in this squared, gigantic room to see a man in a long dark cloak with his hood down. This must be scar, by looking at his face. He had slash, probably from a knife, ran down from the middle of his forehead down under his chin in a curve-shape. His eyes were forest green and the slash must have never touched his eye, due to it looking fine. He was bald as well. He looked menacing, and he smiled evily my way, making me gulp my odds down on getting out alive. I sighed and the bloodkeepers who escorted me here, pushed me to him and left. I said flatly, “Hey monster, why don’t we finish this quickly? I now have an appointment with dying.” He raised his black whip and I closed my eyes and turned to hear a SLAP! “huh?” I said. Instead of the whip smacking my skin, It hit the floor. Scar whispered, “I am going to get you out of here, but you have to scream when I whack. O.K?” Even though I was completely dumbfounded, I nodded. He smacked the floor constanly, and I pretended to cry in pain. After a few ten or 15 times, he stopped and pulled out this secret nail to lead me to a dark hidden tunnel. And explained the story. “Scar? Who are you and why didn’t you whip me?” He said, “Let me answer a question with a question. Have you ever heard of the rebellion HQ?” “Of course, why?” Ever since Blood has taken over, there has been a rebellion, and it’s been my dream to join, but with my sister, Sam, it would have been impossible to juggle both. “Because I’m an agent used undercover to find out information.” “Of course! Where going there now?” Scar said, “Yes, but this tunnel leads to my house which from there goes to HQ.. We made it that way so in case the blood keepers found this tunnel, it raise so much suspicion and won’t give us away.” I nodded in agreement. “Are there any other spies undercover?” “No, all the others were discovered and killed.” “How didn’t they catch you then?” Scar looked in the distance and said, “Lets just say it…it wasn’t easy and caused me a lot of sacrifices.” I said sorrowfully, “Oh.” “Were here.” The tunnel had ended at a door that scar opened.Then, I heard a voice of a guy, my age, saying, “ Dad, who is it?” I looked inside to find a guy standing with Scar’s green eyes and light brown hair. He was wearing a green T-shirt and jeans. His voice was smooth and calming. I stepped into the light and I saw his cheeks turn bright red.He cleared his throat and said, “Dad, Who’s your friend?” I said, “Wait, this is your son, Scar?” He kept switching his eyes from me to him, but said, “Yes, and my real name is Dan, but everyone at HQ calls me Master or Master Light. Oh, and Drake, this is-Umm…” I entered, “Casey. So, Drake, huh?” Drake said, “Yep, so, why is she here?” I said proudly, “To the rebellion HQ.” Drake said, “I could show you around, if you like. Are you a new recruit?” I said, “No. I wish I was, but you can still show me around. Are you part of the rebellion?” Drake nodded. “Nice, I would, but my sister is my biggest priority.” Drake added, “Of course, I have no siblings, so I never knew what it’s like. Scar entered, "Casey, we should go." I nodded, and Drake asked to go, and scar said, "Lets go, so come on." Scar pushed a red button, and it led to a secret passage, and Scar let me go first. We walked a while, until I started to see light, and I saw the head quarters, it was huge. As I walked with drake by my side, we met a worker, who dressed like an assistant at an office. She asked, "Scar who is this?" He said, "Someone I saved, But I think she is more. I believe she is dragon's blood." Her bored eyes turned to shock, and she cried, "WHAT?!?!" I asked, "What or who is dragon blood?" Drake closed his eyes, and squinted the skin at the top of his nose, "Scar, if youre right, were doomed." I growled, "Hey! I bwet I am a better hunter then you." He growled back, "Is that a challenge?" I said, "Yeah, It is, Scarf boy!" Scar then inturrupted, "Wait, what do you hunt with?" I said, "A bow and arrow." He smiled, "Maybe she is dragon blood." I twitched with fustration. "OK, someone EXPLAIN!!!" Scar said, "On the way," Scar then continued. "See, long ago before blood's rule, a prophecy was forseen. That a girl will have the heart and blood of Roku." I said, "Roku? I've heard of him!" He nodded, "Yes, he was legendary. He was the protecter of the world fromn evil. But, the ancestor of blood, slash, wanted to rule the lands and seas. But, roku stopped him.

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