The beginning of Stella

The entire forest was burning. Three pups huddled in a bush yelped for some help. "Someone please come help us!" One cried. The fire was so close the three didn't know what to do. All of the sudden a giant figure came out of nowhere. The figure grabbed the three pups and carried them out of the forest. They were exhausted and frightened. The figure spoke to them. "It's okay little ones." She said. "You're safe now." Her voice trailed off as they fell asleep.
The three woke up the next day to find themselves in a small cave. There was beam of light coming from the opening so the three could tell it was morning. Suddenly the beam of light was gone and a she-wolf was walking towards them. She smiled at their presence. "Good morning." She said quietly. In her mouth was a dead squirrel. The pups looked at her hungrily, as she dropped the kill at their paws. The pups ate until their bellies were fat and full. Once the three were settled down a conversation grew. "My name is Kirana." The she-wolf said. "What are your names?" The three pups looked at each other then back at her. "It't nice to meet you Kirana, and we don't have names." Kirana nodded her head. "I see. What were you doing in that forest fire? You could have gotten killed!" The pups looked down at their paws and replied. "We were looking for our Mother. Once we found her, she had been killed." The three pups tried their hardest not to whimper.
Kirana didn't know what to say. when she started to reply, "Oh... Well-" She stopped. Sighed, and said. "I will be your Mother now." The pups looked at her in disbelief. "Really?!" The shouted excitedly. "You'll be out new Mother?!" The pups were jumping up and down with happiness. Kirana smiled at the sight. She knew that it would be difficult to raise them with no help or experience, but she will be successful... She hopes.
Chapter 1:
Kirana watched her two pups play outside the cave. There were three when she first found them in a forest fire, but one had died in a coyote attack. The other two had gotten away with a few scratches. Their names were Stella and Selari. The siblings were always by each other's side since what happened to they're brother Sinay. Stella is quiet, but when she's in a mood she can be very stubborn. Although she is always getting into mischief, she is a good sister. Selari is a sweetheart and always thinks about doing the right thing. She is usually bouncing around and playing with some of the strangest of things, she only does them in front of the cave. She can be a bore because she has no sense of adventure. The two young adult wolves love their adopted mother, Kirana, dearly and she loves them.
One day when Kirana comes home, something strange is going on. Stella looks at her and wonders what is wrong with her. Selari goes over to Kirana and asks, "What is wrong? Is something bad happening?" Selari is anxious to know what has happened and why Kirana is acting so strangely. Stella walks over to the two. Kirana sighs and replies to the sibling's confusion. "I'm leaving."

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