Top 10 Art Auctions for 2012

Incredible prices paid for some incredible famous paintings. Sometimes I wonder just what makes the paintings that valuable. I have seen a lot of them that if you didn't know who they were painted by you wouldn't even look twice at them. But maybe I just don't know real art. This is an interesting article though, you may want to read it. I enjoyed it.

Make sure to let me know your views on this too, I am very curious. Thanks for reading my journal and looking at this article.

******This is an afterthought as I was looking over the journal entry, I think it would be great fun to do your own version of one or more of these paintings and title them and in the subject line you could put Top 10 Art Auction Painting. Maybe we could even have a contest for the painting with the most votes. Let me know your views here if you may be interested in this and we can decide and go from there. Smile

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