Twilight and Insanity Element


Looks-you have black eyes(it can be bleeding any colors from the eye) and the pupil can be any color. like my character Giselle, she has red hair, black eyes, red pupils, white skin, and black bleeding eyes. also your skin has to be white.

Personality- you are a strong, stubborn, kind person who can be friendly to others except people who belong to the Light (Earth) World. but once you get to know the person from the light world, you can become friends with them. you have an insane side that looks just like you but have rings around your pupil, it can be either neon colors or dark purple or dark yellow.

Past- Their past is very violent. they feel ashame of what they've done, but they can forget it easily and enjoy their life.

World- the outside of your world is all purple with black lines around it. but once you go in the dimension, dark yellow is covering the place and little black squares float around the place. sometimes, the shooting stars either look like black lines shooting across the sky or a purple line swirling around.

Weapon- you can either use sharp objects, missiles, guns, or sometimes your mind to control things.


Looks- your eyes are normal human like but you have a light, neon colored pupil. sometimes your pupils can be a dark yellow color.

Personality- You can be very crazy in some points but can be too emotional. Mostly the ones with blue pupils are too emotional and want to kill themselves. The ones with yellow pupils are too crazy and can easily fell in love with the blue pupil ones. The blue pupil ones are stronger than the yellow ones and can have a breakdown easily. But if they make many friends like about 30 or more, then their past will stop haunting them and have them enjoy their life like normal humans.

Past- their past is very depressing and unforgettable. the blue pupil ones have a horrible, horrible past. worst than the yellow pupil ones.

World- you have a world, but it's in outer space. there is a portal to there. the one and only portal have a yellow cover with some black swirls with it. once you enter it, you are in outer space on your planet. don't worry, there is oxygen and gravity on there. it's just like earth but everything is broken, you feel like you're the only one on the planet. it copies earth's look but everything is classic like black and yellow.

Weapon- blue pupil ones have black blood. their black blood is so powerful, it's like barb wire. the ones with yellow pupils LOVE Chainsaws and fishhooks. mostly sharp objects that they can cut people easily with..

Insanity AND Twilight:

looks- you look like a twilight person but with neon rings around your pupil.

personality- you are a mixture of Insanity and Twilight. you can live in both worlds. but you can be the insane side of your twilight self.

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