Mellie story

Mellie was walking home from school with her two good animal friends, Alexa and Jinx then she herd a crackling sound from the bushes she went to check it out, then she saw a stange looking note saying, watch your back sighed the unknown or the bullies at her school, no one really like her, at the time she liked nature so she went to the zoo, and someone grappled her in the neck and said told you watch you back, Mellie kicked the person behind her, not knowing it was a bully, she scream and went home breathing hardly, no one was home, so the next day she got her dad's special knifes just in case, but when class started she got called for home, then it was a random stranger she seen before in picture and tap him, h-h-hello she said softly going into his weird looking car, she grapped her knife and wondered what was going on, she took off her hood and heeded her knife, w-w-who are you she said strongly, that strange man just didn't talk intill he past her house, she asked, WHERE ARE WE GOING, the strange man replied with a long sigh, we are taking you to a new school... and a new home... Your parents left you behind on peruse so they can get away from you, mellie had a tear in her eye, w-w-why would they do that, then she said, stop the car I need to do something, where my parents, the strange man said, Austin, Texas,Mellie wanted to see them Can you take me there... to be continued...

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