My story

Yea yea, you know me, well do you know why I am insane, well here's the story (this is a fake story), well there I was standing alone in the rain, just waiting for some friends, well in till I herd my friend's screams I ran to find them to investigate, H-h-hello, I whispered. well I guess there's no on here, I left not knowing someone was following me, so the next day there was a letter on my door, well it said, "well, want your friends back, well find me in the coldest darkest places, in till then, bye.. The note had very bloody hand writing.. so I went to school, there was very dark rooms, and no teachers, so I walked in the darkest class room with my friends heads in there, well not that scary... But it was my friends so I was a little scared, HELLO, I yelled there was a person in black just black... they went up to me and got, something weird... they tried to kill me, but then my brain told me to punch the person in the guts, and kick him.. but I wouldn't I don't fight but I will did, so when I felt the urge to kill that person in till, I notice it was a friend of mine that hated me, I guess I could say that.. so went I noticed it, I jumped up then almost banged my head onto the desk I was under.. my head stared to hurt, then I got a feeling of hurting someone badly, so I got the sharpest thing I had and stamped them in the arm with out notice, they fell down and told me you need to do what you where bown to do, I did not know that ment killing and being insane. well that's KINDA THE story..

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