The Elemental War 1: Twilight V.S Insanity

In 1994, The Insanity world's economy was decreasing by the low percentage of crops. Many people starved to death over the past 4 months. The Insanity government traveled to the Twilight world to borrow their crops and money. They made a deal with the Twilightians that they can get the crops and money only if they return their most valuable stone: Emerald. The Insanity government agreed but never returned in any of the Emeralds. The Twilightian's economy lowered each week, which made less more crops for farmers. The Twilight government demanded the Emerald by dawn when the Insanity government returns. The Insanity government returned only bits of Emerald which made the Twilight government angry. The Insanity government promised to give back more Emerald, but they never did. The Twilightian's economy went down to 9%.Year 1995, the Twilight government never got the Emeralds and demanded a war. Twilightians were confused by this demand, until the president of Twilight made an army of Twilightians. The president forced his daughter to join the army. His daughter, Giselle, trained each day with her friend Derrick. They got ranked gold for hard work and cooperation. They both became the leader's assistant. On year 1997, the war began on the Northwest of the Twilight world. The war has been going on for at least 4 years. Giselle and Derrick stayed together as long as they could before die trying. The Twilightians bombed over 235 cities in the Insanity world. The Insanities bombed over 468 cities in the Twilight world. The Twilight government kept on demanding for Emeralds but the Insanity government barely has any of it. Giselle and Derrick hid in a secret base inside a cave for 2 years with plenty of food and water. They finally went outside of the cave to fight back. The Twilightians then came up with a plan to build a large driller to drill to the mantle of the Insanity world, where Twilightians can face the heat. they plan to drop an atomic bomb in the mantle where it will explode 3 of 4 of the world. They can only reach down to the crust due to lack of drilling and effort. They set down the atomic bomb then count down to 10 seconds. Then when it was time to blow up the bomb, it successfully wiped out the entire land of the Insanity world. 3/4 of the Twilightian population was wiped out, including Giselle and Derrick. To this day, the Insanity world has no one left on it and the whole land is empty and some broken buildings are seen. Rumor has it, that there are only 4 Insanities that are left, born from Humans. 1 Insanity has blue eyes, 1 Insanity has black eyes with yellow pupils, 1 Insanity has yellow pupils and sharp teeth, and 1 Insanity has black eyes with purple pupils and sharp teeth.

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