Facts about Sharlet

What do you like doing most: Gossiping Big smile
What do you think is most interesting: Make up Tongue
Fav color: Pink
Tomboy or girly girl: Well, the last few questions you seen are obvious GIRLYGIRL Big smile
Whats your favorite animal: Obviously not pigs but my fav animal is bunnys their adorbs
How many pets do you have: None because I dont let animals into my apartment they can ruin my dresses
Are you popular: Yes!
Are you rich: Yes
Who your best friends: My besties are Kat, Gregory, and Sali
what do you talk about every day: HUrry up with these questions i need to gossip about Rocky falling in the trash can or was he smelling it...
Is Kat a girly girl: Your going need to answer that she likes saying the thing she is.
Nickname: Dont really have one...
STore: Dont have one
do you have a bf: No not in a million years
Favorite saying: well i have to say it with kat though 'cute oufit'

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Artist who joined Queeky on Saturday, 31. May 2014