Nature vs. fire

Every year, People with fire a.k.a fire bionics burn down people with nature bionics a.k.a Nature plants,
because nature has no food to give.
Nature never grew the plants by the time they come.
Nature been hoping on day that will change,
so they did what was against the Nature code to plant the plants during winter.
Fire came back when spring came.
They got their food but it was frozen.
So fire decided to come back summer.
It became easy after that. Not
one more plant got burned down.
Fire and Nature lived in peace until when the Water Bionics came they gave the plants too much water. Than
fire and Nature bionics started fighting again.
One of the fire bionics named Flame told every one
to fight for their land so they could have
a place to grow their own food, everyone agreed.
Years passed and the Fire bionics lived where the Nature Bionics lived.
Nature Bionics were so sad to go so
Fire let them have it back but the deal was they had to still give them food.

To be continued

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