Corrupted (A Selody Fan-Fiction. I TRIED.)

Melody belongs to MelloJello, Sinny belongs to me.

Sinny’s P.O.V.
Hearing the sound of my steps on the sidewalk, I look around to see if anyone was following me. No one, just as I expected... For now, at least. I turned to the front of me, which is an abandoned playground in the distance. My eyes focused on one delightful lady that was everything to me; Melody.
Melody’s P.O.V.
I was walking up the metal stairs that led me to the platform which had two paths to either get on the swirly slide or the monkey bars. I kept glancing at the old school I used to go to ever since I was in kindergarten.
I heard footsteps nearby; could it be? The one I was waiting for? I look up to see a 7ft tall man walking towards me, wearing a black ghost town shirt with the “Creepy Girl” on it. He also appeared to be wearing ripped black jeans, and a black and white plaid scarf around his neck and shoulders. I smiled, walking back down off of the metal stairs to the dusty, dirty sand that I love.
“Hello, darling. I see you’re wearing the ruffled pink shirt I gave you for your birthday.”

His voice was charming and smooth, and each word that he has spoken gave me goose bumps, which was a pleasure to me.
“Yes, in fact, I figured you were going to announce that to me.”
I responded. My lover chuckled which was unusual for the so called “friends” he had, but it was just normal to me. Such a cute chuckle he has actually, makes my heart warm, having me think that I’m the only one who can make him laugh.
Sinny’s P.O.V.
After chuckling, I smiled.
“Such a proper response. I didn’t know that you were going to say that. But,”
I stroked her brown, shiny hair then twirled it around my finger.
“I should’ve known because I’ve been with you for all of my life.”
I can see a blush spread across her face, closing her eyes.
“Oh don’t do that, darling.”
I lifted her chin up a little, she twitches slightly, surprised to my charming action.
“I rather stare at your glorious, sparkling eyes than having your eyelids cover them.”
Melody opens her eyes widely, turning even redder than before. It entertains me to see her acting cute and delightful.
“I-I’d love to accept your request but… It would mean for me to see the reaction you’ll give me towards my blood rushing cheeks…”
She responded quietly. I blinked and sighed, then looked at her straight in the eyes.
“Oh trust me. My reaction is this.”
I pulled her towards me, grabbing a hold of her right hand in my left. I closed my eyes and leaned towards her. I gently placed my lips upon hers, tilting my head to the right.
Melody’s P.O.V.
I felt a sudden shock of surprise, confusion, and lust, while interacting my lips with his. I closed my eyes and wrap my arms around his neck, enjoying the pleasant kiss. Oh dear, this is like mixing the right chemicals to create a new substance.
I can’t help but to just say that it felt like I was starting my life all over again, with this, ”So-called-creature” named Eric. Yes, the name that stopped me of what I was doing, the name that I hear every day, everywhere. The name, Eric, Sinny, Sinister Man, or whatever, made me happy. And here I am, in his arms, being corrupted by his over-powered love and affection.

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