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“Didnt feel like coloring it...so feel free!! :D lol”
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6 Variations

6 Variations


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I colored it myself I think you should give it a look (use FULLSCREEN) I spent some time coloring it...

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What a nice drawing , i

What a nice drawing , i recalled of a warrior from dragon ball z, it will look more fascinating in colors.

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some how i get all the mails who comment on this pic and if you want to see this exact picture in colour i variated it and coloured it if you want to see just look on my page Wink

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Well awesome stuff !! Fund

Well awesome stuff !! Fund more similar stuffs like the one

How to draw Yoda.

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You mistaken him for goku.

You mistaken him for goku. It's gohan.

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hey i coloured this picture you have to take a look at it, i think it is quiet good =D thanks for the drawing ! xD