Entry #1

Yay, this is my first entry. I have blogged before but did not like what I wrote that much. It was pure randomness and stupidness, which I do not like. And I do not know why I did that. Besides, I didn't go by Vonstefi...this was on livejournal by the way. Okay let me introduce.

>>I have loved art since I was in preschool. Which is hard to believe but I did know what is was and how to express it.
I would sometimes draw potraits of people. I suddenly got better when I was in kindergarten and I am sooo grateful for that.

>>...I still love any art 'til this day...and everyday. I never get tired of it.

>>I love drawing anime, manga, surreal, landscape, sci-fi, people, etc.

>>I hope when I get older I will have a job that would have to do with art and drawing. I am also thinking of becoming a voice actor.

>>I am trying to make my own anime cartoon with voices. I haven't been on it on a while though. And when I get back to school it'll be harder to get on it again.

>>...haha...I love going to anime conventions, which, by the way, I live in Florida...

>>I love traveling!!

Anyway, I will try to keep my blog going .....
See ya later!!~
Bye byes~

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