Projects & Competitions

QueekyTube - Your drawings on YouTube!

Join our new project: The best artworks will be presented in Queeky's YouTube Channel.

The Comet "67P/Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko"

Alien life on a comet?
Traces of culture under the sand?
Imagine what we could find in outer space ...

The Year Of The Bear

This project will be open for one year only, in order to demonstrate how vulnerable the life of the polar bear is in times like these.


What a fantastic animal: The Elephant.
"Elephantastic" is dedicated to this grand and pachydermatous contemporary.

Carnival Selfie

Draw yourselfie on carnival an win a seat on Queeky's frontpage for duration of four weeks!

Street Art

Draw on the wall and use things that you see in order to combine them with your own idea.
The best idea can win an Amazon gift certificate ...

Mummy Reactivation

Draw the face of a mummy and win a Queeky-Premium account for duration of six month!

Coloring the old masters

Touch the spirit of historical life and paint with the old masters.

Alien character contest

Aliens - it is only a matter of time, until we meet them ... draw your favourite Alien character, Alien species or any other sort of Alien life!

Color Competition

The coloring competition: choose one of the given images and add your personal colors.

Horror Portrait

Draw a monster, werewolf, spider or Orc.
Shock your friends by creating a frightening version of face, body or whatever your darkest dreams could bare ;)

Monthly ITunes competition

Draw everything you like and show off your drawing process in our upcoming ITunes-Podcast!
Share your work on ITunes and reach thousands of IPhones, Pods and Pads.

Please note! For this contest, you CAN NOT use drawings with photos as content.
It is technically not possible to create a replay and thus a video from (bitmap) photos.
It is fine to use a photo as a reference and remove it before saving your drawing though.

The Queeky train is coming your way ...

A train - is a train - is a train - is a metaphor.
It has often been used by different artists in music, lyrics and visual arts.
And of course, there are those typical graffitis ...
The Queeky train is coming your way ... jump on and have a nice trip!

Graffiti fever 1 - retouched

Go wild and do what you wanted to to since ever: leave your graffiti art on a huge clean and bright wall.

Self Portrait - you're a rock star

Self Portrait - you're a rock star - draw yourself as a rock star on tour, in a concert or with your groupies.

Graffiti fever (part two)

Use your graffiti art to beautify the public space and redefine our visual impressions:)

Self Portrait

In this competition, you can kill two birds with one stone:
Win the competition, get a front-row seat on Queekys landingpage for duration of four weeks and enlarge your audience!

Queekys next top model

We want you to draw Queekys next top model:
Draw the most beautiful lady ever created with strokes and brushes and win 50 $US (see prizes for details).