Horror Portrait

Draw a creepy self-portrait or a creepy portrait of anybody else.
Draw a monster, werewolf, spider or Orc.
Shock your friends by creating a frightening version of face, body or whatever your darkest dreams could bare ;)

In QueekyPaint, start by importing a picture directly from your webcam or import a photo of yourself from your computer. Use the photo to create a rough copy, and then start to give your rough outlines a creepy face ... of course you can start without a photo too, but an important criterion of this competition is the result still includes something of the original character. So feel free to start from a photo or webcam snapshot :)

Shock your audience and win one of three Amazon-Gift-Certificates (see prizes)

(Photo by damir.ME)

Project closed: The winners are

1. Horror Self-portrait by Ha55ha wins a $25 US Amazon gift-certificate
2. 084 Horror-Portrait-entry by Flippo wins a $15 US Amazon gift-certificate
3. Horror Portrait by Crisco wins a $10 US Amazon gift-certificate

The winners will receive the prizes via their Queeky-Email.


Total sum 50 $US
Project start:Tue, 14/06/2011 - 23:00
Project end:Sun, 14/08/2011 - 23:00
Closed since 2011-08-15.


Created on 14/06/2011 - 23:46



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Oooo.. I want to try!

Oooo.. I want to try!

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Times of crying have passed, now it's only silent tears rolling down my cheek.

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The Horror Portrait

The Horror Portrait project

This would be my contribution.